Fiat Coupe

This is my Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo! It is a truely awesome car and I really enjoy driving it. I purchased it in Feb 2001, and ordered a personalised plate for it which I'm glad to say was available. The plate is 20VT which is pretty cool as my car is a 20 Valve Turbo!

These pictures were taken near where I live with the Babich vinyard as a backdrop. This is also where some of the Xena Warrior Princess episodes where filmed.

So far I've modified the car only slightly. I've drilled some holes in the Air Box to get more air into the Turbo system. This has created more power and also a slightly more deep throaty noise.

On order is a K&N Panel Air Filter. I've also fitted a boost gauge.

The car was styled by Pininfarina - great impact!