photo: Jill Douglas
          Fish and I at the Haddington Convention, Aug. 25, 1996
This was the first time I met Fish (and only time so far), and I was struck as to how friendly he was.  Having been a fan of Fish for many years, and his work having a great impact on my life, I found it a very odd situation to be in.  What do you say to someone like that?

At the convention I also met some of Fish's family, who were very warm people.  The treated us weird and strange fans as long lost friends.

To get to the convention I had the help of some other fans that I'd met on the Marillion and Fish mailing list (  They were all very helpful (Hi Claus) and fun.

At the B&B I stayed in I met Mo Warden and partner.  Mo is a graphic artist and now runs the Perception's of Fish Web site.

That day is a day I shall remember for a very long time.

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