Welcome to my pages.

These pages document some things in my life that I
find of interest and maybe of interest to others.


11 July 2002

Updated the list of my computer collection

7 April 2001

I've updated the family history page, updated 1851 census,1881 cenus
births, deaths, marriages and wills is now alot bigger containing
more names.
I'm in the process of setting up a lasham email list so if you
want to receive this drop me an email and I'll add you to the list.

20 March 2001

Last night Erica and I took Myles to Henderson swimming pool.
This was Myles's first time in a swimming pool. Unfortunately
we did not take any photos. Myles really enjoyed himself and
did not want to get out.

Today I uploaded some pictures from Xmas 2000 and created a new
page for them. Xmas 2000

19 March 2001

This is my first journal entry for this web site.
I am hosting this at doteasy.com who give me
20mb of free web space + have for US$25.00 arranged
for my own domain name, lasham-web.com

All I want to do with this web site is have a place
to store the family history reseach I've been doing;
document some things in my life such as my  hobbies;
provide a space to show some family photographs off;
show some links to other internet sites of interest.

Hopefully this wont appear to sad or boring to
anyone who stubbles upon these pages.