Christmas 2000

Xmas 2000 had a nice suprise for Erica as one of her best friends and daughter from England flew out for a suprise visit - Sarah and Shelby Bollen.

Whilst in NZ Sarah and Shelby got to do some sight seeing and generally have a good time.

On Xmas day we all went round to my brother's house for a lovely Xmas dinner.

The next day we had a large meal cooked by Erica and Sarah at our house in Henderson. Here are the photos from that.

At this meal was
Stephen, Deearna and Patrick Lasham
Michael, Erica and Myles Lasham
Reg and Ann Lasham
Sarah and Shelby Bollen
Tony Cortesi
Grant Upton

Enjoy the pictures!

Left to right going round the table:

Patrick, Deearna,Stephen,Tony,Shelby, Erica, Myles,

Sarah, Grant (Sooty), Reg, Ann, and I am taking the photo